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Spicy chicken livers on lemony cucumber

This is an easy, healthy and delicious way to eat chicken livers. The richness of the livers is...

N'dujka, or spicy shakshuka

Baked eggs spiked with spicy n'duja sausage, this twist on Israeli brunch classic shakshuka is guaranteed to blow...

Italian lemon chicken with pearl barley

A one-dish dinner for two, ready in half an hour, with no fiddly chopping - and which gives...

Other recipes

Sephardi roast lamb, Emma's way

A tender lamb roast paired with sweet, spiced stuffing. Inspired by Nigella's Passover recipe from Feast. Make extra...

Korean pulled pork

This twist on pulled pork, inspired by Olive magazine's January 2015 issue, is so easy but tastes sensational....

The best beef stew

A winning staff lunch at Hubbub HQ. The key to this stew's deep flavour is roasting the veg...

Pork fillet with roasted rhubarb

Rhubarb is not only destined for crumble! It works wonders with the fillet in this recipe, giving the...

Lapin à la bière (rabbit stew with beer)

Adapted from another winning Nigel Slater recipe, this comforting rabbit stew is lifted by fresh adding tarragon...

Rump steak tartare

The Ginger Pig have taken whole rumps from their Longhorn and Belted Galloway cattle - fantastic rare breeds...

Indian spiced barbecue lamb chops

Kick off the barbecue with these juicy lamb chops; marinate them overnight in yoghurt and spices for extra...

Pinto beans with bacon and bay leaves

To Texan folks, beans means pintos - cooked long and slow 'til they're creamy and mellow. We've added...

Texan baahrbeeeecue beef brisket

Guaranteed to make y'all happy as a pig in slops. Rub your brisket with a fine lick of...

Barbecued dry-rub pork ribs

A Memphis barbecue staple: juicy pork ribs coated in a spice rub of paprika, salt, black pepper and...

Roast goose with apples recipe

Nothing beats a roast goose at Christmas time. As the nights draw in, stay home and feast on...

Roast Christmas goose with spiced apples and pears

Geese have dark, rich, well-flavoured meat which stays beautifully moist during roasting due to the fat contained within...

Big juicy burgers

Here at Hubbub, we like our burgers full of meaty fun and overflowing with juices; definitely delicious if...

Roast duck with caramelised plums

A rich roast duck is delicious with sweet fruits to cut through the rich meat: we love it...

Spanish pot roast chicken

Pot-roasting keeps a chicken beautifully moist and allows it to steam gently in its own juices. The bed...

Chicken pieces with sumac and za'atar

Chicken pieces marinated and roasted with Moorish spices, citrus and stock. Our take on a great recipe from...

Warm lentil salad with shredded ham and Dijon mustard vinaigrette

A delicious salad, this more-ish recipe will reward the patient cook. Use ham hock leftovers in this

Roast grouse with parmesan polenta, chard and redcurrant jelly

Succulent, rich and gamey, grouse is a real treat - the season's short so get your order in...

Grouse, bacon & watercress salad

This thrifty recipe uses the leftovers from our roast grouse and Parmesan polenta dish but definitely doesn't...

Chorizo baguettes with roasted peppers & rocket

More of an assembly job than a recipe, these chorizo baguettes are a great, fast way to feed...

Chicken roasted with olives, peppers and paprika

A tasty, comforting dish for which the ingredients can easily be multiplied to feed lots of people or...

Barbecued rump steak

Rump steak is characterised by Ginger Pig's owner, Tim, as "the steak eaters' steak": perhaps not quite as...

Thai pork larb

A vibrant salad made with rare breed minced pork, lots of fresh mint and coriander, lemongrass, chilli and...

Lamb kofte

Our recipe for lamb kofte kebabs, delicious and economical in equal measure. Serve with red cabbage and pomegranate...

Seared beef fillet & Italian salsa

This is an incredibly sensual, decadent dish. It relies on using the best quality, well-hung beef and should...

Chilli con carne

Everyone has their favourite recipe for chilli; ours uses smoked paprika, chipotles, fresh and dried chillies, cumin, cinnamon,...

Lucanica sausage ragù

Lucanica (salsiccia finocchiona) is a handmade, fresh Italian sausage flavoured with wild fennel. It's delicious with a rich tomato...

Lamb stew with roast autumn vegetables and bulgur wheat

Rather than stewing vegetables with the lamb, they're roasted and added to the bulgur wheat to keep their...

Irish beef and porter stew

A rich and hearty stew of beef, beer, barley and root veg. Proper chilly weather tuck.

Butterbeans with nduja and courgettes

Halfway between a soup and a stew and makes the most marvellous, posh beans on toast. Invented by...

Ginger Pig sausage rolls

Ginger Pig's sausage rolls are the stuff of legend; unctuous, perfectly seasoned rare breed pork encased in a...

Garlic Toulouse & butter bean hotpot

A warming stew of garlic Toulouse sausages and butter beans; exactly what the doctor ordered for the shorter,...

Roast rib of beef with dripping and proper gravy

If you fancy firing the turkey from its festive duties, why not bring on the beef? This is...

Spaghetti Bolognese

The classics are the best. Any leftovers will taste even better the next day.



Perfect pork belly

Pork belly is a great value cut, which is very forgiving too - you can roast it for...

Barbecued rump steak

Calling all meat-lovers! We know everyone loves a delicious fillet steak, but did you know rump is cheaper...

The Queen of Coronation Chicken

Our recipe for Coronation Chicken has a little more lightness about it than the original, using a yoghurt...

Buttermilk marinated leg of lamb

Recipe from Mia Kristensen of CPH Good Food and Anna Colquhoun, the Culinary Anthropologist, as featured...

Cider ham with a honey glaze

A beautifully moist rare breed ham, braised in cider with festive spices then baked with a sweet honey...

Roast duck

Crispy skinned, perfectly cooked roast duck - this is Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's method and is a winner every time.

Top tips for a tremendous turkey

Don't stuff it up on the big day! Follow our top tips for a succulent and delicious bird.

Italian pork and aubergine casserole

A warming casserole of meltingly tender aubergines, sweet peppers, Italian herbs and rare breed pork shoulder. If you...

Andalucian pinchitos morunos

These spicy kebabs are popular in Andalucia and originate from the era when the Moors occupied Spain. The...

Pasta carbonara

Some people consider carbonara passé, but they're probably not using big, juicy lardons from Ginger Pig, Saponara's 24-month...

Roast chicken with awesome gravy

Roast a decent chuck well and you've got a Sunday lunch to compete with the best of 'em....

Figs with San Daniele or Parma Ham

Gorgeous, sweet fresh figs served with silky slices of salty San Daniele or Parma ham. It doesn't get...

Slow roast spiced shoulder of lamb

A tender shoulder of lamb, delicately spiced and then slow roasted to perfection. Quantities don't matter too much...

Lamb cutlets

An easy-peasy super impressive BBQ dish that works just as well with a hot griddle if the sun...

Pork chops with roasted parsnips, pears and potatoes

Deliciously succulent marinated pork chops, roasted with parsnips, pears and potatoes. Less fuss than your average Sunday roast,...

Shoulder of lamb stuffed with parsley, anchovies, capers, lemon and garlic

Adapted by Lex of Lex Eat! from a Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall recipe. The longer resting period gives you...

Chicken pieces with lemon and oregano

A delicious chicken dish which requires very little preparation and is easy to scale up. Ideal for busy...

Beef and bacon rillettes

Rillettes is meat which is salted and slow cooked in fat til it goes all melting and tender,...

Pork souvlaki

Tender, succulent pieces of pork enhanced with a brief marinade and a spot of char-grilling. Serve with Turkish...

Pappardelle with beef ragu

Although the beef has a long preparation and cooking time, this dish is simplicity itself to prepare and...

Broad beans with Serrano ham

A Spanish staple: bright and plum broad beans served with salty Serrano ham. It takes less than 10...

Chicken with tarragon, prunes, white wine and bacon

Our go-to dish for feeding 4-5, which can easily be scaled up with two birds. Fast to prepare,...

Butterbean and cavolo nero broth made with game stock

A warming, fresh soup which ensures you get every last drop of flavour out of two roast grouse.

Fresh garlic, lemon and feta pesto

Lighter and more zingy than a traditional pesto, this works as well with baked fish or chicken as...

Chicken liver and cassis pâté

A smooth pâté with a rich luxurious texture that belies the frugality of the main ingredient. It can...

Veal shin ragu

Another installment of Ginger Pig gloom-be-gone recipes with plenty of summer cheer!

Veal shin ragu

A hearty dish with plenty of summer cheer; ain't no rain shower gonna get the best of us!

Thai pot-roasted chicken

This is a stunning meal, great for both chilly nights and warmer days. If you don't have a large...

Pork chops and colcannon

Meaty, succulent pork chops with colcannon, a traditional Irish dish of mashed potatoes and cooked cabbage, made with...

Thai pot-roasted cockerel

The Ginger Pig have been busy rearing some stunning 100-day chickens. They've put together a few recipes to...